Guide companies in their

Internet of Things journey

Our Approach


IoT changes the game for business.

IoT, everyone talks about it and wants to do it but few actually take the plunge.


Our Answer

From wanting to, to really doing it

Why ?  How?

Assess maturity and set goals

Look for value, uses cases and ROI

Technical Architecture

Quick and agile mock-up / pilot thanks to development based on our framework

Manage the change

Our Offer

Modular Consulting Workshop


Excilys-IoT support you in your IoT approach.

A few weeks to go from an idea to delivery.

Whatever your maturity.

Glazer or App Generator is a generation engine and automated deployment of apps (HTML5, Android and iOS) created within the European Future Internet Content project (Smart City) from 2014 to 2015 by eBusiness Information part of Excilys Group.

Glazer-IoT is a solution dedicated to the Internet of Thing born early 2016.

Glazer-IoT's goal is to minimize the "Death Valley" described by Osawa and Miyazaki or otherwise called "Trough of disillusionment" in the adoption curve of Gartner that initiates currently IoT technology.

By the provision of data in an IoT cloud, Glazer-IoT will enable you to create and deploy an application from your first ideas and this in a few days.

Afterwards, no link is maintained with Glazer-IoT.

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